[de:ad:cibel] - The Band


The band name [de:ad:cibel] alludes to the “loudness war” in music productions - in other words moving towards higher sound levels and decreasing dynamic. Technically measured in "decibel" (dB), in music this dynamic represents the difference between low and loud passages. 
To get a maximum punchy sound, a dynamic mix aims for the zero level. We have substituted the word "dead" for the cipher zero, which means [de:ad:cibel] signifies very loudly mixed and aggressive music - adequate to describe our sound.

By their fans [de:ad:cibel] are called THE GERMAN BASS MACHINE. Started in 2010, [de:ad:cibel] are hitting in clubs worldwide.

[Praise the bass!]

"Our songs reinvent various genres of dark electronic music. We love the Wave and EBM old-school sound of the late 80's and early 90's, but we are also fascinated by minimal beats and present-day electro-industrial. [de:ad:cibel] is definitely not a cover band - we use versatile stylistic devices to create our own sound".

The result is a self-contained new world. A perfect impulsive symbiosis of brutality and melody. And behind [de:ad:cibel]'s groundbreaking sound stand two accomplished protagonists: [da:ni:el ga:ld:a] and [ar:mi:n kue:st:er], whose previous projects have shown them to be a musical juggernaut. With [de:ad:cibel] the duo deliver a master stroke, certain to influence the future of electronic music.