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Out now: New album "GLOBALIZED"

November 15, 2013 - Today is the official release day of our new Album "Glbalized". You can prelisten and buy the album in our webstore.
After the release of the EP „Self-fulfilling Prophecy”, [de:ad:cibel] has released their second album “Globalized”. We prove again that even far from shrieking cyber electro tracks, electronic industrial EBM is well-suited for dancing in a club as well as simply listening to music. Thus, “Globalized” presents thirteen multi-variant tracks including the instrumentals “Beat Plastique”, “Russian Qi” and “Fuzzy Pictures” being of a consistent dark atmosphere of varying timbre. “Disconnected Child” features an acoustic guitar play neatly tied into the electronic base, “Fuzzy Pictures” recalls finest sequencer orgies and the mid-tempo track “My Whole Life Is An Error Message” inevitably casts a spell over the listener due to its really catchy refrain. [de:ad:cibel] really let rip regarding the crystal clear production, elaborate songwriting and playful sounds and confirm again that classic German electro EBM can do without any artificially constructed dancefloor clones.

[01] Transnational Network
[02] Vanitas
[03] Stimulation
[04] Globalized
[05] Solar Plexus
[06] Rain Of Gold
[07] Interculturality
[08] Beat Plastique
[09] Disconnected Child
[10] Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
[11] Russian Qi
[12] My Whole Life Is An Error Message
[13] Fuzzy Pictures

Order the new [de:ad:cibel] album "GLOBALIZED" - exclusively here and now!!

October 11, 2013 - Even though the new [de:ad:cibel] album "GLOBALIZED" will be officially released at November 15, 2013, we just got a limited supply of CDs available here now. So you can prelisten and buy the album immediately in our webstore.

New digital-single "Vanitas" out now!

March 08, 2013 - As a foretaste to the upcoming album "Globalized" the brand new digital single "Vanitas" is available now at all common download stores. Check out Amazon or  iTunes for more details. Praise the bass!

A fresh review about the current release is already online at the well known german BODYSTYLER ElectroZine.

[de:ad:cibel] in springtime issues of ZILLO and ORKUS magazine. 

February 15, 2013 - Check out the first teaser "Vanitas" of the recently completed new [de:ad:cibel] album "Globalized" in February-issue of Orkus-magazine and 
March-issue of Zillo-magazine (attached on the magazine audio CDs). This latest release again features powerful rhythms and basslines which prove that [de:ad:cibel] aka "The German Bass Machine" are on top of the industrial electronic front.

New EP "Self-fulfilling Prophecy" is out now! Available as limited edition digipak and download. 

February 17, 2012 - This new EP is available as Limited Digipak (250 copies) in our webstore and at all download stores.

With nearly 35 minutes of music this 9-Track EP includes four awesome remixes of the title track by Plastic Noise Experience, amGod, Notstandskomitee and n'angst! In addition it will contain the new song "Rain of Gold" in two versions and the dancefloor-burner "Beat Plastique". The "Self-fulfilling Prophecy" video clip completes the package.

[1] Self-fulfilling Prophecy : Single Version
[2] Self-fulfilling Prophecy : Bassmachine Mix by Notstandskomitee
[3] Rain of Gold : Original Version
[4] Self-fulfilling Prophecy : From Heaven to Hell Remix by amGod
[5] Rain of Gold : Synthetic Raincoat Mix by [de:ad:cibel]
[6] Self-fulfilling Prophecy : Remix by Plastic Noise Experience
[7] Self-fulfilling Prophecy : Remix by n´angst
[8] Beat Plastique : Tour Ordinaire Mix by [de:ad:cibel]
[9] Self-fulfilling Prophecy : Videoclip by J. Tochtenhagen