[de:ad:cibel] - The members

[da:ni:el ga:ld:a]

The voice and the echoes...

Daniel Galda gained his first experience with professional music production as a student apprentice in a renowned recording studio back in 1993. Before this his activities were restricted to a small home recording setup.

Daniel got his first insight into stage life when he was acquired by Ingo Beitz as a live drummer for his trend-setting project kAlte fArben. As support band kAlte fArben toured with the Goth cult band Das Ich on their "Staub-Tour" across Europe back in 1994. Later Daniel was busy on live keyboards for Das Ich. Between 1994 and 1999 Daniel completed more than 200 gigs with both bands on extensive tours through America and Europe. His name is mentioned on several CDs from kAlte fArben and Das Ich - always in capacity as live keyboardist and stage musician.

Between his activities for the afore named bands, Daniel established the electro/industrial band Skorbut together with Joerg Huettner back in 1996. Several CDs were released under the name Skorbut between 2001 and 2009. During the work on the 2007 Skorbut album Firewall, Daniel became acquainted with Armin Kuester. Armin had produced several remixes for Skorbut before and contributed a song to the Firewall album. In 2009 the club hymn "Phantom Pain" was created by the Galda/Kuester team. Motivated by the fruitful collaboration Daniel and Armin decided to establish an own project: [de:ad:cibel] was born.

[ar:mi:n kue:st:er]

The music and the background...

Influenced by commercial and vanguard electronic music, Armin Kuester started his musical activities with extensive sampling experiments on a low cost computer with an 8-Bit soundcard back in 1992. He was fascinated by the possibilities this technology gave him. Soon he replaced the soundcard with a professional sampling system, adding to it analogue and digital synthesizers.

Today Armin operates as a musician and producer in his own studio with carefully selected equipment. He is currently working as songwriter, producer and sound designer for several projects around the world. He did a lot of songwriting for Yello founder Carlos Perón and is busy with their collaborative project Inca Hunters. He also acted as songwriter for electro/industrial bands like The 3rd Culture and Skorbut. Smoother sounds are in production with the progressive pop project Diskarnate in collaboration with international award winning artist Jack Andrews and Magnetic Fields vocalist Susan Anway. You will also find a lot of remixes he did under the pseudonym Boris Black, inter alia for Eisbrecher, Miss Shiva, Future Trail and Dr. Ozz.

In addition to music production Armin creates scores for theater productions and advertising. He also works as a freelance journalist for music magazines. The key aspects of his musical works are dancefloor-based tracks, vanguard electro/industrial structures, and sound design.